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Wie zijn wij?
Charming Shutters is een fabrikant die gespecialiseerd is in het produceren van shutters. Wij streven naar een hoog kwaliteitsniveau en ondersteunen onze dealers met meten en monteren. Als u kiest voor een kwaliteitsshutter bent u bij Charming Shutters aan het juiste adres. Voor meer informatie over een dealer bij u in de buurt kunt u contact met ons opnemen.

Waarom shutters?
Shutters hebben een unieke uitstraling die aansluiten bij uw interieur. Shutters passen zowel in een moderne- als klassieke inrichting en zijn makkelijk te bedienen door het bedieningsstokje. De lamellen van de shutter zijn eenvoudig te onderhouden...lees meer


Charming shutters ® has a wide range of shutters. Below you will find our products. For more information about a specific shutter or our offer please contact us.

P-wood shutters
Do-it-yourself shutters
Aluminium shutters
Exterior shutters
Shutter doors

P-wood shutters

These shutters are made of p-wood, wood substitutes (synthetic and contains no wood) shutter specially manufactured for fabrication. The structure is highly insulating. The material is non-combustible, non-toxic water resistant (ideal for business projects). The lists are equipped with eenaluminium core for excellent stability and strength.

P-Wood shutters have an additional option Clear View system. The control stick is eliminated in the lists. You control the fins of the shutter with your hands.

P-Wood shutters are perfect for the use of blinds in the bathrooms (see picture - click on the image to enlarge).

Available in 2 louvre sizes: 63 mm en 89 mm.

Wing shutters

The wing is a shutter shutter whose lamel made as an airplane wing. This means that one side of the lamel thick and thin the other side. This structure ensures that the blade closer to each other close and right in the closed stand. In this way more light out.


Wing shutters are ideal for your bedroom.



Do-it-yourself shutters

The simple system, the do-it-yourself shutters easy to place.Charming shutters ® guided you in this process so we have an entire page devoted to the instructions. Go to the do-it-yourself shutter page.


Aluminium shutters

Made from high quality aluminum and finished as desired color, matte or satin.The aluminum shutters are operating blind. This means that the tilt system in the zijstijlen is processed. Perfect for exterior shutters and within a modern living space.

Exterior Shutters

houten buitenluikenOur wooden shutters outside are meant to sun, heat or cold outside to keep house. They are made of Red Cedar wood or aluminum. Red cedar wood is durable and good for exterior joinery and therefore very suitable for exterior shutters. We have sections in different options, such as solid panels or fixed louvres louvres that are adjustable. A combination is possible.

Shutter doors

shutterdeur met 2 vakkenThe shutter doors are doors that are carried out with different possibilities.

You can choose from two different door types and these door types can vlakkenmet the shutter panels themselves organize.

shutterdeur met 4 vakkenThe choices are:

  • a flat panel with facet edge;
  • louvres that close and not adjustable;
  • louvres open and not adjustable;
  • and of course the shutters that are all possibilities.